Francesca Bria (speaker) - PdD researcher Imperial College, filmmaker and network activist

Ele Carpenter - media art curator, lecturer at Goldsmiths MFA curating

Joel Gethin Lewis - co-founder of Hellicar & Lewis, former Interaction Designer at United Visual Artists

Beyond economics, what are the possibilities in open source, crowd-sourcing and resource sharing for artists, organisations and industry? What new ways of working does digital technology offer for a renewed vision for culture?

Tuesday, 28 September 2010
Wieden+Kennedy – The Cole Building
16 Hanbury Street (off Bricklane, 2nd floor, stairs only)
London E1 6QR

Joel Gethin Lewis (Co-Founder of Hellicar&Lewis, former Interaction Designer at United Visual Artists)
Ele Carpenter (media art curator, lecturer at Goldsmiths MFA Curating)
Francesca Bria (PhD Researcher, Imperial College, filmmaker and network activist)
Chair: David Rogerson (Digital and New Media Manager, Sound and Music)
Respondent: Yuk Hui (Co-Founder, DOXA)

In a time where the UK Budget is undergoing a mass overhaul with the depletion of public subsidies and the cutting of councils, what are the opportunities now in networked technology and collective working beyond ‘cost-efficiency savings’ and business exploitation for the development of culture, ideas and a thriving social ecology? In following an enriching first event in May, DOXA presents a second discussion ‘Futures in Collective Working’, which looks at not so much on the problems of the current cultural and economic system, but the new possibilities in forms of collective working including open source, crowd-sourcing and resource sharing. The discussion begins yet does end with digital technology and seeks to explore practices and models of work that can nourish, as well as, sustain creativity. ‘Futures in Collective Working’ brings together a diverse group speakers from backgrounds of media arts, the media industry and academia to look at various collaborative practices and emerging models to approach a renewed visions of culture for the future.

Hellicar&Lewis are a creative partnership formed in 2009 by Joel Gethin Lewis and Pete Hellicar. The partnership was founded to blend the analogue and the digital, to make experiences and systems in the real world that create memories. Current clients include the V&A, Nike and Sony. Previously, Joel Gethin Lewis was the Interaction Designer at United Visual Artists, working with clients such as U2, Massive Attack, Nokia and the British Council. He is one of the founders of the Interaction Design meetup, This Happened. Joel studied Mathematics and Computer Science at Imperial College, followed by Interaction Design at the Royal College of Art.

Ele Carpenter is a curator, writer and artist based in London UK where she teaches in the MFA Curating at Goldsmiths College. She is currently a Research Fellow at HUMlab in affiliation with BildMuseet at the University of Umeå, Sweden. Her recent research focuses on the relationship between craft, code and computing. She is curator of the Open Source Embroidery project and is currently facilitating a new artwork called the Embroidered Digital Commons a distributed embroidery of ‘A Concise Lexicon of / for the Digital Commons’ written by the Raqs Media Collective, 2003.

Francesca Bria is is currently a PhD Researcher at Imperial College Business School. In her research she’s investigating how design-driven methodologies can foster the direct involvement of users and communities in co-designing and co-producing future urban systems and services. She’s also looking at the way ubiquitous and pervasive urban technology will impact collaborative creativity and socio-economic practices. She is currently working as Tutor in Business Strategy and Organisational Change at Queen Mary University in London. Francesca has a background working as video journalist, writer, filmmaker and network activist and she’s an advocacy adviser on access to knowledge and collaborative production in the digital economy.