DOXA has recently published a text in Chinese called:
“From Art of Occupation to Occupation of Art — On Occupation in Hong Kong and the Situationists International”, by Yuk Hui/DOXA, Issue 001, Independent Critics, Beijing, 2012, ISSN1003-9341
Download the text in Chinese here: From Art to Occupation to Occupation of Art
(English translation of the text coming soon..)
Abstract: This article looks at the occupation in Hong Kong, and its singularity with comparing to other occupations in the West: the occupation in Hong Kong is a reaction against the financial industry which is rather stable in Asia. This article proposes that one could look occupation in terms of the politics of space, especially in Hong Kong where the lands are  manipulated by property developers and spaced are highly codified. The author through his personal experience in the occupation tries to articulate the relation between the situationist and the occupation, and see the occupation as a realization of both art and radical politics.