DOXA has recently published an article in the Chinese Literary Bi-Monthly, Chutzpah!《天南》 edited by Ou Ning

“All That is Solid Melts into Air”, by Yuk Hui/DOXA, No. 6, Chutzpah!, edited by Ou Ning, 2012

Abstract: This article started with the mediation of fire in Tahar Ben Jelloun’s “Par le Feu”, and the metaphysical and symbolic meaning of fire in the myth of Prometheus. It aims to analyze the revolutions (industrial revolutions, silent revolutions, conservative revolutions) of capitalism and the deterioration of human condition through the works of the French philosopher Bernard Stiegler. It also attempts to identify the possibilities of revolutions by looking into the history of the late 19th century and 20th century with relation to anarchism (especially the Paris Commune and Spanish Civil War), and proposes to renew the concept of civil war, occupation and communities through the works of Tiqqun, Guy Debord and David Graeber.