Critical Cities Vol. 3
Myrdle Court Press, London, 2012​

“Leave behind status-quo thinking about contemporary cities and leap into the knowledge, actions and ideas of sharp critical urbanists from across the globe. Critical Cities Vol 3 offers provocative and transformative perspectives from multiple urban contexts including São Paulo, Zagreb, Hong Kong, London, Bogota, and Nicosia.”

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For the 3rd volume of Critical Cities, DOXA contributes an article featuring an interview with Professor Tang Wing Shing from the Department of Geography at Baptist University in Hong Kong. The text looks at the concept of space and property in a global financial centre that is quickly developing its creative industries. What is the disjunct between the intention to develop culture on the ground and the rapid development of cultural centres that are in the end property development projects for the benefit of only a select few?

Download and read the full text here: Hong Kong: The Property Regime