DOXA is an international collective of artists, theorists, designers, architects, engineers, etc.

DOXA (δόξα) is a common belief, as opposed to truth, doxa is associated with community, dialogue and knowledge. Started in London in 2010 by Yuk Hui and Ashley Wong, DOXA has hosted events on ‘Re-imagining Culture’ in London and Hong Kong and has presented conferences and residencies including at the European Congress on Aesthetics in Madrid (2010), ENCATC Annual Conference on “Culture Forecasts” in Helsinki (2011) and the Banff Research in Culture “On the Commons” residency at the Banff Centre in Canada (2011). DOXA continues to publish in books, journals and online internationally.

Through an on-going project called ‘Creative Space’, DOXA facilitates cross-disciplinary dialogue through open discussions to approach new visions of culture for the future. DOXA seeks to understand the shifts in the digital turn in an globalised economy in times of crisis and change, and to explore new possibilities through investigations of emerging model and practices for urban and cultural development.

By hosting open discussion events, DOXA facilitates dialogue amongst artists, academics, policy makers and industry professionals to examine manifestations of the culture industry and explores new ways of supporting and sustaining creativity through models of collective working and open source.

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DOXA as a platform, to foster dialogue and share resources, ideas to explore new modes of collaboration.

DOXA as a lab, to mediate between diverse disciplines, languages, and practices to approach new beliefs and understandings.

DOXA as an experiment, to reinvent the forms of networks and develop self-reflexive and critical practices with art, technology and the wider social field.

DOXA as an intervention, to engage with the social, political transformation, challenge the existing narratives and explore new possibilities.

DOXA as a practice, to explore an open and collaborative approach as an on-going process.