This is a history of our activities, as well as a sitemap to some of the content on our site. This page will be updated periodically.


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Conferences and Talks

Cultural Trajectories: International Symposium on the Imagination and Manifestation of Cultural Governance, National Taiwan University of the Arts, Taipei
ASAP/4 Conference, “Genres of the Present”, Royal College of Art, London
ART HK 12, Backroom Conversations, Asia Art Archive, Hong Kong

ENCATC Annual Conference, “Culture Forecast”, Helsinki
Hong Kong Whispers exhibition, discussion panel, 198 Gallery, London

European Congress on Aesthetics: ‘Societies in Crisis’, The National Museum of Anthropology, Madrid


On the Commons; or, Believing-Feeling-Acting Together residency, Banff Research in Culture, The Banff Centre, Canada


艺术是如何被“仕绅化”的?“, 葛惠, South Reviews, 5 April 2014 (Chinese)

Art Radar Journal, ART HK 12: Redefining the space we live in – Asia Art Archive Open Platform speakers, Online: 18 May 2012

WKCDialogues, Ashley Wong on Ideas, Hong Kong Ambassadors of Design, 2010