DOXA (δόξα): A common belief, as opposed to truth, doxa is associated with community, dialogue and knowledge. DOXA is an international collective of artists, theorists, designers, architects, engineers, etc.
Film: Nønspace, Hong Kong, 2009

Film: Nønspace, Hong Kong, 2009

“The apparently permanent can be temporary, while the temporary could be very permanent.” – Ackbar Abbas ‘NønSpace’ 2-channel installation dir. Nicolas Sauret & Ashley Wong 23min, 2009 NønSpace is a work that attempts to probe at the often puzzling and elusive space of Hong Kong. Through its unique history, geography and politics, Hong Kong has sprouted...

Interviews with Eva Weinmayr (AND Publishing) and Sion Whellens (Calverts)

Eva Weinmayr is an artist, lecturer and co-director of AND, a new platform for experimental publishing. AND’s current activities include the Piracy Book Project producing new collections for the Byam Shaw Library. Recent and upcoming exhibitions by Weinmayr include The Cult of The Difficult 2011; The Institute of Mental Health Is Burning Newport Museum and...